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BMW M CARBON ceramic brake retrofit kit M2 (F87) M3 (F80) and M4 (F82, F83)

BMW M CARBON ceramic brake retrofit kit M2 (F87) M3 (F80) and M4 (F82, F83)

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Genuine BMW M CARBON ceramic brake retrofit kit M2 (F87) M3 (F80) and M4 (F82, F83)


Original BMW M Carbon ceramic brake is a racing technique. The use of high-tech carbon and ceramics increases the thermal load-bearing capacity even in extreme situations such as on the race track. The weight reduction of the brake disc has a positive effect on the consumption and the agility of the M vehicle. Due to its long service life, it even brakes the wear. The carbon-ceramic brake offers a further increase in the active safety, depending on the M compound brake. As an optical distinguishing feature the brake calipers were painted golden. 


The sportiness of the vehicle is underlined by its attractive appearance. Especially for light-alloy wheels with open wheel design. Innovative carbon fiber composite ceramics: This makes the brake discs significantly more wear-resistant and a change is considerably less necessary. Even more direct / spontaneous application of the braking force under extremely high loads due to high and stable friction. Highest heat resistance, even during long-term use. 

60% lighter than conventional brake discs. The reduced unsprung mass reduces the weight of the chassis and improves the road contact of the wheels. Weight reduction of rotating wheel dimensions by 13.50 kg. More accurate dosage of braking performance and increased agility during cornering by reducing the moment of inertia. Even more resistance to decelerating braking due to high thermal load (fading) than in the standard 6-piston fixed brake with also internally ventilated and perforated cast brake discs. 

High corrosion resistance of the material and thus an extended life of the brake discs. 

The BMW carbon ceramic brake has been designed and tested according to internal requirements. 


Technical information: 
Weight reduction by approx. 13.5 kilograms 
Innovative carbon fiber composite ceramics



BMW M Carbon ceramic brake system is only approved in conjunction with R19 wheels (also in winter). 

Safety instructions:
The vehicle must be carefully driven in the first 200 km after the brake system has been installed! After the break-in period, the full effectiveness of the braking system is given. Due to the design specificity of the M Carbon ceramic brake, it can lead to functional noises when braking, but these have no influence on the stability of the brake discs.


Kit includes:

Caliper front Left/Right 

Caliper rear Left/Right 

Brake disc front Left/Right

Carbon Ceramic Brake disc rear (2 pieces)

Set of brake pads front

Set of brake pads rear

Brake booster,

Engine compartment shield